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URABLEG AFFILIATE NETWORK GIVE Opportunities To Earn Variable Commissions.

URBALEG aim to create a mutually beneficial partnership to reach our business goals. We look forward to partnering and collaborating with you.

Start by creating a customer account and place the affiliate order directly through your customer account.


Affiliate program

sell to earn a commission

Referral program

recommend friends to earn a commission

Loyalty program

buy to earn a commission

Sharing program

share on social networks to earn a commission

How it Work ?

2. Direactly send the your  AFFILIATE LINK to your Friend to purchase and Earn Easy Cash.

3. You can just purchase product on our website and can Earn cash Rewards.  

Whether you’re a social media guru, an avid blogger or a fan of the brand, we’d love for you to join our affiliate program.

1. It’s simple, free and straightforward: Earn money when visitors REFERRED by you make a purchase on


Urbaleg Affiliate marketing, it's completely free and safe to join !

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